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The Forced Orgasm Tower

Reviewed: Friday 19 June, 2015 by Dr\'s Sub Wife

On a Friday afternoon I received a text from my husband telling me to get a babysitter and meet him at the new hotel that was built at a nearby university. Ever since the hotel was built, my husband and I have been meeting there to have some romantic and kinky private time - it usually ends up with me being tied to the bed having my brains fucked out. I arrived at the hotel in my sexiest little black dress and 5" platform heels. As instructed, I retrieved an envelope from the front desk that contained a room key, a blindfold, and a note which said: "come up to room 412, but before you enter put on the blindfold". As I entered, my husband took me by the hand and guided me into the room. He then stripped me completely naked, except for my heels, and secured a ball gag in my mouth and leather cuffs around my wrists & ankles. I expected to then be tied to the bed spread eagle, but instead he walked me over to a steel pole where he fastened my neck to the pole with a collar, secured my hands behind my back, and locked my legs wide apart. I then felt a vibrator on my clit - it felt so amazing, that I came in minutes. As I was approaching my second orgasm, my husband came up behind me and

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 March, 2015 by Worthless Fuck Whore

When my master bought this for me he didn't let me see it at first. I entered through the door, scared because I was late. Immediately he ordered me to take my clothes off. I did so and put my corset, and gag on. He blindfolded me and then led me to his dungeon where the tower was. He strapped me in and then took my blindfold off. Then he let me look around to see where I was while he grabbed his cane. Finally when he came back he gave me a couple swing on my ass an then moved to my tits, this was because I was late he explained he said "I will not have you being a stupid whore and showing up five minutes late, if you are going to be a good slave then you will be on time" then he stopped with the cane blindfolded me and turned the vibrator all the way up. I instantly started to cum. A few minutes later he put nipple clamps on me, he started to pinch them and pull them. Then he started to finger my ass, and then all of sudden he shoved his whole fist in. I screamed into the gag as I started to cum again. He pulled his hand out and pulled on my tits again because I am not allowed to speak or make a sound. He was still very the mad that I had been bad so he he took his biggest dildo a

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Reviewed: Sunday 06 April, 2014 by Samantha Linnings

My husband and I have been a huge fan of extreme bondage and we both love the feeling of being restrained to the point of no movement at all. So we decided on buying the orgasm tower because it seemed like it would be a blast. So when I got home from work, he immediately blind-folded me and got me into the tower. He asked if I was comfortable cause he said I wasn't going to be moving for a long time. He began to whip my ass with a leather paddle. And then came the main part. He put a gag on me and put our vibrator in the holder and he put it on high. That's when I started to struggle. He left the room for about ten minutes to get our heavy duty clamps and put them right on my tits. Right when I thought it was over, he brings out our fucking machine and puts it right on my asshole. The feeling was so intense, I started to cum and squirt all over the place. Then he left me there and went out to hang with his friends. He fed me dog food and my own piss for the next 3 weeks. Once he finally let me out, I fell on the floor quivering and he had said that that was only the beginning of my slave training. I began to grown and he then handcuffed me and fucked me in all three holes. I define

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Reviewed: Saturday 01 June, 2013 by lilslave sam

I came home one dayand went to my room to find that my mistress had taken the bed out of my room. To my surprise this was set up instead once I was in the room my mistress closed the door, ordered me to strip, and get onto the tower. That morning my mistress had ordered me to put a pair of panties in my pussy, when I got onto the tower she took the panties out stuffed them in my mouth and taped my mouth shut, after that she put an electrified butt plug in my ass, tens pads on my nipples and on either side of my pussy turned the electricity as high as I could stand. After that she put a Hitachi magic wand on my pussy and set it on high. She left me there for 1 week with a bucket under me so I could pee and poop. She fed me dog food and her pee and cum twice a day. I came very hard more times than I have ever came. My mistress has locked me in this with a vibe in my pussy and ass every night since. I cannot wait to be in it for longer than 24 hours again. You feel so submissive, get this for your slave.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 02 April, 2013 by Slut BDSM

Last night I went to my master in your SLUT collar and a bikini. He took one look at me and locked me in the tower for a week. I cummed all over it, and he made me lick and swallow it all up! Awesome product.

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Reviewed: Sunday 13 January, 2013 by Anonymous


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Reviewed: Thursday 13 December, 2012 by Mr. Silk Stockings

Well spent another wonderful night on the Orgasm Tower. My wife forced me to dress in 5" stiletto heels, stockings, and a black leather corset. After getting my ass spanked and licking my cum off her boots, she strapped me to the tower. She proceeded to pound my ass with the large strap on. Begging to let me come again for hours, my wish was granted. My punishment though was to stand in those heels the rest of the night strapped to the Tower and watch her and her "Friend" go at it.

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 November, 2012 by AYA Ramiko

I used this at my studio for my bondage models and slaves, one girl in particular had never used a hitachi before. After hearing this I instantly got her out of blowjob training made her wear a PVC latex suit with corset and ballet boots and strapped her in! She started moaning and after a while stared crying I imdently got another vibrator out to rub over her nipples, she couldn't stop squirming but with the metal restraints she wasnt going anywhere with the corset things were making it a bit hard to breath and cum. After an 2 hours I finally turned it with a sigh of relief for her, only to grab more batteries. I was having too much fun :) This is a perfect 5/5 everything about this pure bondage and with an add on vibrator I won't need to hold the thing... XOXO aya from Japan :D

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Reviewed: Thursday 04 October, 2012 by mr heels

My wife bought the tower and uses it often. She will make me wear high heeled boots and other womens clothing, cuff me to the tower and connect the anal toy to the tower and watch me sqirm.

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 May, 2012 by Anonymous

It's our favorite piece of dungeon furniture as my wife puts me in it every night, teases my cock until I'm ready to burst then re-locks me in a lori tube. A little about the device, I'm a big guy about 280 lbs, so the neck fits me (my 19" neck) with just enough slack to make it feel good. The neck piece tilts left and right and this little bit of movement helps keep you comfortable; the neck piece can be pointed up or down (depending how you feed it into the pole) and I prefer it up so I cannot look down. The legs cuffs are a little tight but comfortable and the hands cuffs don't fit me at all (the hand cuffs are clearly designed for women). We use a pair of metal cuffs with a chain between them to secure my hands behind the metal pole and that works nicely. At the top of the pole is an eyelet that allows several winches to be attached and my wife often ratchets my hands up to keep me off balance (sometimes my genital). The pole also swivels in the middle which is surprising handy when you want some room. The device is very secure and there's no escaping it as I've often tried to break my way out. We've removed the vibrator holder (since I don't get to cum) so I c

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Reviewed: Wednesday 02 May, 2012 by Anonymous

I got this for my slave girl and i lock her in it every day before i go to work. She goes crazy for it, i leave her in the tower until i get home and she is screaming like you could not believe. Before i go i put a ball gag in her mouth and turn on the clit wand and making sure it is right on her pussy lips so my slave has intense Orgasms and by the time i get home her Pussy is dripping wet and she has drool all over her fucking tits and body. i let her out of the device and she immediately drops to the floor getting ready to be tied tied back up for her real BDSM training, and waiting for me to fuck her throbbing wet pussy for hours and when i am done i leave her there tied up in the basement put a O ring in her mouth and go to bed and wake up and do the same thing the next day. I own my slave and she knows it. GREAT PRODUCT

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Reviewed: Wednesday 07 March, 2012 by lord evil dom

my slave has been in this for 10 days she is screaming to make the vibe stop but wntill she beggs me to fist her i am going to leave her in it

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Reviewed: Saturday 06 August, 2011 by Anonymous

wow! I have never experienced something as great as this! It is so hard to find something that makes me cum but whenever my partner locks me in this, my pussy is instantly drenched. I just want one for myself at home.

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Reviewed: Monday 01 August, 2011 by Anonymous

My master had me hooked in this for 3 days with a funnle gag on me. I promise there is no way to gwt out of this at all. He gave me a bucket to piss and shit in and he fed me twice a day with dog food and his own piss. He put the wand on every night before he went to sleep. He would wake up and find me with a puddle of cumon the floor. My master just cleaned me up and left me there. Amazing product. And with the hitachi wand, you cum in a minute and the orgasms get better and better.

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Reviewed: Monday 05 April, 2010 by Mantra !!

Despite being found guilty of a breach of contract yesterday, she in writing agreed to be my slave. she refused to suck my cock properly and kept laughing at me and stopping. I then issued 3 warnings and she stopped and told me to enforce it. So I locked her into the device and inserted a PEZ rectal pacifier in her ass and pads either side of her clit, she was not expecting that as I powered it up to just uncomfortable. 1/2 and hour later... I fired up a wand on her clit and started to play with the erostek in another room downloading programs from the net. then I hit the jackpot scream. I entered just in time, she was cumin really hard it was running down her legs making a big puddle on the floor. so I did what every nice person should, I got out the cane and smacked her arse, 5 strokes on either side. I just forgot to inform her how many I was going to dish out. I let her drop to the floor in a quivering mess, she said not the arse this time with a grin on her face. So I shoved my cock up the wrong hole.

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 April, 2010 by Anonymous

my master got me this for my 20th birthday and i spent 1 month on it without geting off it for anything my master put me on this locked the vibrator on my pussy, put electro clamps on my tits, and put a huge dildo on a very powerful fucking machine up my ass then he just sat their and wached me cum over and over agin. after a few hours the doorbell rang and i begged him not to answer it the person at the door was the hot slut from down the street she came in put a huge funle gag in my mouth laid me and the tower on my back took the vibrator off my pussy put it up to hers and began tp cum I loved it, her cum tasted sooooooooo good than she made me worship her pussy! YAY! my master is going to hang me by my tits every nite and every nite i stay up i get to orgasm 5 times that number wish me luk!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 03 February, 2010 by Jake Anderson

I love this device. Firstly, it breaks down VERY well for transport. Once you are locked in it, there is no escape. I've used it on women, and, with an adapter, had it used on me. Will not tip over whatsoever. Highly recommended for the mobile dom. Often left subs in this for hours at a time. I release them and they collapse on the floor.

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Reviewed: Friday 20 November, 2009 by Anonymous

My Man bought me this and hooked me up. he left the vibrator off then turned it on and i stated to go wild. he also gave me a good oral when i was on this. I am so horney right now.

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Reviewed: Sunday 12 April, 2009 by Public Whore Sex Slave

I have always been submissive, but extremely shy. My MAN bought this tower and used it to let my wanton desires supercede my shyness. It is very comfortable, which is good because I am strapped in it every Saturday night. His boys come over every Saturday night to play cards. Before this great tower, I was usually handcuffed naked on the bed and kept out of sight. When he put me in this, he initially left the vibrator off. Halfway through the evening, he came in and turned it on. I started to orgasm almost immediately, and he left me there. As time passed, my orgasms got stronger, and I moaned louder. His boys could hear me and wanted to see if I was OK. My MAN sent them up to check on me. I was embarrased at first, but I was so horny that I begged the to fuck me. Now I am a public whore.

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