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Fat Jack Penis Extender

Reviewed: Monday 21 September, 2015 by kelly rose

When this arrived i thought no way this will fit its massive lol. But after plenty oc forplay and lube i loved it and so did hubby. I cumed 5 times in 2 mins lol. Didnt think i was a big cock girl

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Reviewed: Thursday 18 June, 2015 by Anonymous

I have used it 3 times now with my wife. She's had several kids. I've used some other extensions in the past and her complaint is they are cold or cause cramping in her cervical area, or they are too hard and rigid. The Fat Jack, on the other hands, warms up nicely, is very lifelike, and soft, yet firm at the head so it doesn't bend. She hasn't complained about this one at all. Seems to like it. No instant orgasm or special moans of pleasure (like other women have reported in reviews), but she hasn't refused it in 3 times now. She seems to like that it turns me on. It slides in with lube without a hitch after some foreplay. She squeezes me tightly with or without it. She likes it when I pound her pussy with it. We've tried it in the missionary position, doggy style, and with her on her back and ankles on my shoulders (her favorite position in general as her G-spot gets stroked and causes moans and "hurt so good" facial expressions that are a huge turn on, with or without the extension). I'll be curious to see if she asks for it next time we do it. Next time I think she'll want to ride it as she grinds herself to a clitoral orgasm. The Fat Jack is slightly thicker than

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Reviewed: Sunday 22 February, 2015 by Anonymous

This is challenging to put on but once its on it doesn't come off so that's good. This thing is scary in size. I wasn't sure shed be able to take it but she's more of a champ than I wife loved it. And it provides light pleasure to the wearer too because you get some sensation while thrusting. My only complaint is it stinks like hell. A strange stomach-turning manufacturing odor I've never smelled before. Tip: store in a sealable ziplock bag. I made the mistake of chucking it in our toy box and it stunk up my whole closet. I do recommend. This is a great size but I'm back to find something even bigger because we like pushing limits.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 November, 2014 by Anonymous

OH MY GOD THIS THING IS AMAZING !! It's soft and pliable... very very pliable. It's very thick so if you have a man like my husband (measures 6 3/4 in long x 1-7/8in diameter)... it makes it just a smidgen over 4 inches... which I never thought I could take but with enough lube and foreplay it slides right in and I can feel it all the way up to the base of his cock. He did have to cut it to be flush with the base of his cock cause the tip of the extender gets too flaccid and just doesn't feel good... so trim it to make a good fit (make sure he's super hard or it will create a gap between his balls and the base of the extender). I came twice the first day it arrived (I never cum more than once)... I can't think of any more words to describe it. He says that he likes it because he can feel my pussy even through the extender and it creates a suction that doesn't let the lube penetrate and slide off. If you want a comparible material, take a look at the Blush UR3 translucent cocks, same squishy and ultra flexible yet somehow mysteriously firm feel. BUY ONE !! The price is soooooo well worth it.

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Reviewed: Sunday 19 October, 2014 by Double Wide

Got this to surprise my wife, was she ever! Took a while to get it all in, but she took It like a pro, finally talked her into trying it in her ass... All I can say is WOW, it really destroyed her asshole, but she loves it!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 29 July, 2014 by Me Good

This thing is awesome! Adds some serious girth and length. It's a lot of fun to put on and makes you really feel like a big swinging dick. It fits nice and snug and the head doesn't bend or flop around like the cyber skin penis enlarger. My wife loves how it feels when I put it in her. She rode the shit out if me last night and came so hard, then she begged me to fuck her with it. I can't wait to fuck her again, it's awesome!

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Reviewed: Monday 07 July, 2014 by wezen juus

actual size as measured with my tape measure 8.5" long, 2" wide (6.5" around), cavity depth 7"deep X 1", will add 1" to your width and 1.5" to your length. lots of lube, go slow and she'll take all of it. great for something different without actually having to deal with another person. if needed can be cut shorter w/ scissors. she never asks for it, but she has never declined me using it either - always always always has the loudest wettest longest orgasms with it (or Tommy Gunn, which she prefers over fat jack)

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Reviewed: Tuesday 24 June, 2014 by derek burrell

i use one on my boyfriend and he howls like a werewolf

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Reviewed: Monday 26 May, 2014 by Anonymous

There are a lot of things that I like about this toy, but it also has a flaw in its design. I do like the feel of it, the size, and the ease with which it can be modified for any length by simply cutting some off from the bottom. The big problem or problems, however, are that the head of the toy is not hollow and that the inside of it isn't tapered at the end. It's more of a flat shape, which seems odd; I don't think many men have a flat penis head. This shape creates air pockets inside the top of the toy when I'm wearing it, and combined with the heaviness and hardness of the head, it is very tough to control or feel where you are. The head is always bending to one side or the other when I use it, which creates problems. So, after several tries, I gave up. If I could hollow out some of the head, it could possibly be a good toy, but I haven't figured out a way to accomplish that without risk of damaging it. I wouldn't recommend the Fat Jack..

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Reviewed: Thursday 10 April, 2014 by Satisfied Scilla

Ordering the Fat Jack Penis Extender was DEFINENTLY worth the money spent on the cock extender and worth the 2 day shipping. I love that NOT only do I as a woman get pleasure from this extender but so does my husband. He can wear the extender and still feel the sensation as if he were normally inside me,which I LOVE...This allows us to both cum multiple times and enjoy the benefits of this extender. If you want to feel something thick or longer,I highly recommend the Fat Jack Penis Extender.

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Reviewed: Thursday 23 January, 2014 by Anonymous

Initially, this thing is huge and super stretchy. The internal depth is right at 7.5" (9" external). I trimmed 1" to fit my 6.5". It was nice, but the extreme stretchiness created a empty void toward the tip. I then realized that thing could stretch to nearly twice its length. I trimmed it about 1" less then me and found that extra stretch increased vacuum. Happy hinting.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 27 November, 2013 by Anonymous

I love it bigger than I thought but still very fun wife can only take it for a few minutes but she enjoys it for those few minutes

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Reviewed: Wednesday 09 October, 2013 by Anonymous

It works very well if she has a loose pussy like my wife. I also have a small dick so I had to cut it to make it fit right but when I fuck her with this thing on I feel like a have a donkey dick. The material is as real as it gets.

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Reviewed: Sunday 15 September, 2013 by Anonymous

My wife is usually pretty straight laced and proper but when she really gets going shows a spicy side. I thought to get this after getting her to multiple orgasms and she opened up so much she couldn't feel me. I'm average at 6.5" slim and usually satisfy her but thought it would be fun to try. All I can say is Holy Shit! At first, I think she just went along because she saw it turned me on. When we had a hard time getting it in, she got a little anxious. I thought she was going to back down but I think she was just afraid she couldn't get it in and she WANTED IT IN! Use plenty of lube and go slow. It wasn't long before we had a good pace with about half in and she was making a lot of noise. After about 10 minutes of straight fucking I was balls deep and she was cumming constantly! I've had her cum repeatedly before but never like this. Plus, since the sleeve is so thick, I could last forever. It still feels good but no danger of losing it. Between me before, then the sleeve, then me after, we had an exhausting 1 1/2 hour session that left us both glowing. She had to make me stop so she could calm down, then I took it off and fucked her again and she said "o my god I've never been

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Reviewed: Saturday 27 July, 2013 by Tom Drayne

This is the best value for the $$. Only problem it only comes in a pinkish color. I wish they made a brown/cinnamon or even black. What is it that a company only makes pink? My wife loves it, it is huge but she grabbed my ass cheeks and was slamming me in her, I couldn't believe it and we came 3 times in one night which is very unusual. She was very sore the next day. I'm 6" and already fat girth so I make this thing huge when i'm in it. I have tried every cyberskin one made and they suck and leave the end flopping and she hates that but she loves this one.. MAKE a darker color one please!!

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Reviewed: Saturday 08 June, 2013 by mike thick

All the other reviews sum it up. This is really Big. I'm about 6 inches and with this on I looked freaking huge... Length and girth. Nice feel to it and fits well. My girl took about an hour before she took it L in and in one night of non stop action she had 9 orgasm. I came twice with the sleeve on ...and had to take it off to wash which was no hassle ...Quick dry and line and my kinky girl hasher legs spread for more. highly recommend

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Reviewed: Tuesday 04 June, 2013 by Anonymous

Bought this for my girlfriend. I wanted to see if she thought my Dick was to small, im 7 inches. After i put this on, and got the head into her pussy she asked me to stop, this thing is huge really. So i think this is more of a torture device for slaves who need to behave.

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Reviewed: Friday 31 May, 2013 by Horny Holly

When I opened the package and saw the size of this my first thought was there is no way this is going to fit in me, it's HUGE!!. I thought about leaving the sealed package and sending it back, but then I read that I couldn't return it. So we tried it and I was right, it didn't fit in me. Way too big!!! Now my pussy is throbbing after only a few minutes of use. My boyfriend is on the small size and I wanted something to make him bigger. Well I achieved my goal only it is too darn big!!! THIS IS A LOT BIGGER than what I imagined it would be. I read the dimensions and pulled out my tape measure to get an idea of how big it was, but that didn't prepare me for how big it actually is! It is made from a very nice material and I liked the feel of it. One problem we had was that when we got his dick into it there was a problem with suction causing the top to suck in. I stuck my finger in along his shaft to break the seal. That worked. I used a lot of lube and we took it slow, but it was still too much. Mind you I have some really huge vac-u-lock dildos that I've played with many times and had no trouble taking them in. So be very aware that this is a BIG penis extender if you are co

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Reviewed: Saturday 13 April, 2013 by Anonymous

we got it yesterday. it is truly larger than we thought. after some play and lube, she loved it. shee had 4 orgasms. squirted all over it. highly recomened

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Reviewed: Tuesday 09 April, 2013 by Anonymous

At first i was apprehensive. Dint want to make it seem as though i felt inadequate with my own cock. Which is fine. I'm average 5.5 inch. So i played around a bit with her and she was blindfolded. after stimulation withother various devices i prepped her for a while and then put this on. I was timid about her taking it and she was surprised to say the least. But she ended up loving it and I maintained a hard-on throughout the whole experience, even with the desensitization it was fine and brought great pleasure to me to see her enjoying it so much. Great purchase for anyone. Make sure you use LUBE ! : )

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Reviewed: Thursday 04 April, 2013 by Anonymous

I am 8 x 6 and ive tried many extensions with my wife, to push into double digits. I didnt think it would work beacuse of the listed measurments, but for 25 bucks i gave it a try. If you are 7" long this could work perfectly, but for me the sleeve is too short, and shows an inch of my base exposed. this is one of the less floppy extensions ive tried though, so it gets points for that. I just wish it was a little longer, or there was a longer version. so overall If you are over 7 inches I would advise not to get this. For those under, i suspect it is quite good.

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Reviewed: Saturday 23 March, 2013 by elyas khaliqi

All I can say is this beast makes my cock into supercock. It is larger than I thought. I was 6 inches before and with it on 8.5 and very thick. My girl had multiple orgasms the very first time I used it. She was a bit hesitant at first but is now can't get enough of it. I have to do less work too as the extra length means the head is always at the stimulating part of her pussy hence the continual orgasms. Definitely worth the money.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 February, 2013 by Anonymous

This is AMAZING!!! It makes my cock VERY thick. My fiance and I are very into using larger than normal toys on her. It seems as though the larger the better and this does the trick! If you are a bit of a size queen, you will love this!

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Reviewed: Monday 24 September, 2012 by Anonymous

All I have to say is wow!! It's a lot bigger then I thought! My girlfriend and I have not used it yet but I'm sure she will be more than satisfied. I recommend this for any one who wants to feel bigger, much bigger! I'm 6 1/2 and 4 1/2 in girth. It made me fucking huge! 8 1/2 and 6 1/2 in girth. Like a large cucumber! Lol looks and feels real as well. Thank you Extreme Restraints, I feel like a porn star and my girlfriend will be begging for more!

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Reviewed: Thursday 06 September, 2012 by Anonymous

Have 7 x 5.75 before using this. With hardon I measure 9 x 7.5, thats pretty damn big! It scared wife at first, but then she got that curiuos look we all know. Excellent fit, feel and appearance. Try carefully turning inside out to put on, this creates true vacuum seal and wont come off even with a softee. Have yet to try with wife, but pretty sure I will see very good results.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 29 August, 2012 by Happy Man

This is the best toy that I ever bought. My wife enjoyed my new fat dick. The head crushed her pussy deeper and the cums several times every time. It is better to use a condom to feel it more real!!

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