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Strict Leather Body Harness


Strict Leather Body Harness Strict Leather Body Harness
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Leather Strap Body Harness

Feel masculine and dominant in this handsome and stimulating product from Strict Leather. This harness fits oh so well because it incorporates a built in cock ring. No uncomfortable straps putting pressure on your family jewels here. Made of quality leather.

  • Small/Medium: 33-41 Inch Chest, 29-36 Inch Waist
  • Large/Extra Large: 42-48 Inch Chest, 36-42 Inch Waist.

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Reviewed: Monday 08 December, 2014 by Estran Stallion

I am into furry lifestyle and my furry alter-ego is a horse. I bought this harness as a gift for myself and I am very fond of it. It feels like a piece of horse riding gear to me when I put it on and tighten it up. The leather is thick and the buckles are made with quality. The rings are thick steel and are welded. Overall this is a solid, heavy harness and a serious piece of bondage gear. I especially enjoyed the thin strap that goes between the buttocks. It adds a lot of fun and makes it quite a feeling when you bend over. I only wish there was a belt keep for this strap. I feel a different person wearing this harness every day. My posture has improved since I started wearing it, and I started getting fit because a harness like this one looks really cool on a muscled torso. Now some trivia. The diameter of the cock ring is exactly 5 cm (size Small/Medium). The cockring is not welded but is made of two ring slices put together. Hate to say it but because of this the inner side of the ring is not perfectly smooth. Those of us who like to wear a harness throughout the day might feel sore between the thighs after having worn this harness for a day or two. However, the really good news is: whenever you start to feel you do not like the cockring you can replace it with any other ring of your choice because the ring is detachable. Just undo the clips of the straps to free the ring. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of this item. Its thick and durable and very comfortable to wear all day long. Thank you, Strict Leather and Extreme Restraints.

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Reviewed: Monday 07 November, 2011 by Harnessed Whore

Girls, you can wear this too. You just need to adjust the sizing to get the perfect fit. The cock-ring makes a great opening for his fingers to access your intimate area. And you look incredibly sexy!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 31 May, 2006 by Subbie Hubbie

My wife's two friends are soo sexy! They used to talk about sex in front of me to see if they can make my dick hard. I usually blushed because I got hard. My wife bought me this outift and put it on me last night. She tied me to the bed with just this on. When she came home with her two friends, they were all drunk. They came in the bedroom and laughed at me. Then they started kissing each other and taking off their clothes. I got so hard I couldn't stand it. Then, one by one, they squatted over me and made me lick their pussies. Every pussy was full of cum, even my wife's. My wife kissed me after and said that my mouth tasted like a whore's pussy. They untied me, with instructions not to touch myself. Then the doorbell rang and they made me answer it, still wearing the harness. Five black guys came in. I was forced to suck each of them hard, then watch them fuck my wife. Every time they came, I had to lick my wife's pussy clean. My wife's two girlfriends put on strap-ons and fucked me until I came. They made me lick my own cum off the floor and one of the guys fucked me while my ass was up in the air. When they left, my wife informed me that this was going to be my life, and that I was to wear this harness and do all the household chores in it. I love this harness. I love my new life. Thank you.

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