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Strict Leather Rainbow Flogger


Strict Leather Rainbow Flogger Strict Leather Rainbow Flogger Strict Leather Rainbow Flogger
$112.99 $84.99
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Enjoy having a little impact play with your partner using this stylish rainbow flogger. The colorful, leather strands will definitely tell your partner (or slave, if that's what they become) that you are the one in charge. Take the handle firmly in hand and proceed to dish out your style of discipline.

Specifications: Each of the strands are approx. 20" in length and .38" in width. There is a wrist strap to make a firm grip possible. The flogger is made of high quality leather and has approx. 36 tails.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 01 April, 2015 by Kay Jaxx

Love love love this, totally the best way to "taste the rainbow" It is well constructed I am very happy with the workmanship. I've been on both ends and it as fun to receive a good lashing from this as it is to really lay into a sub with. It's a good mid range thuddy toy.

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Reviewed: Thursday 02 August, 2012 by Anonymous

I purchased this flogger here a couple of months back on a whim during a sale. My master loves this thing it is well balanced and well consructed and is holding up good under heavy usage. ( My Master enjoys vigoursly lashing me). Being on the recieving end i can varify this flogger is somewhat of a lite to heavy medium flogger capabe of mild to heavy moderate pain levels while delivering that heavy thud b;ows that lets me know Master is putting some muscle into flogging me and it doesnt cut the skin when swung forcefully.......If you would like to have a flogger that as a dom you can lay into the backside of slave for a hundred lashes and not tear up the skin this thing is it..........I find that i like a flogger that can be used on me for a couple of hundred lashes before my skin begins to bleed and this thing is perfect for that....sub jim

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Reviewed: Wednesday 15 February, 2012 by Kinky Brat

I purchased this flogger a few months ago & it has very quickly become one of my favorites. It is well constructed & quite attractive. It is light enough to not wear you out using it, without being so light it feels as though it will slip from your grip. It has a nice solid impact with a very nice sting to it. I have loaned it to others to try and all have seconded my opinion of it. It's become quite popular amongst my friends & partners. I get many compliments both on it's beauty & how well it handles. I couldn't be happier with it & plan to buy my next flogger from here as well. THanks for such a great product.

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