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Heavy Steel Yoke


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Classic Steel Restraints!

This is our heavy metal yoke restraint. Made of raw, cold steel! This unit is built to last. The total weight of this set is 7.6 lbs! Locks not included. The length span from collar to wrists measure 12 inches, keeping the arms isolated and away from reach of the body.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 20 August, 2014 by Yoked & Fucked

I let my BF put me in this yoke. Then he blindfolded me and shoved an anal hook up my tender ass. I was led backwards out of his room, down the stairs, and into the common frat room. There I was talked about like a piece of meat and fondled. I was then led upstairs to another room. I now belong to a new guy. Other than fucking my sore ass, he treats me well.

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Reviewed: Thursday 16 February, 2012 by Valentines Slave

Hub gave me this yoke for Valentines Day at a love hotel out of town. Although we had great sex and had done some flashing from the car, we had never done any bondage before. I love him so much, so when he said this is what he wanted his Valentine to wear, I gave in and let him strip me and put this on me. ItThen he put a spreader bar on my ankles, I was totally in his control. When he said he was going to share his Valentine with others, my mouth said no. When he felt my wet pussy, it was saying yes. So he put a ball gag in my mouth. He lay me on the bed nude facing the window and opened the curtains. I was shared by anyone who looked in the window to see this Valentines Slave. I fantisized about Hub letting them in when they knocked on the door, but he didn't let them in. He did take off the spreader bar and let me ride him cowgirl style while others watched me.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 26 October, 2011 by Chained Heat

Our master uses this on us and connects us using a chain. I love not being last in line, because the chain for the slave behind me goes between my legs and up my pussy lips. It hurts just a little, but it hurts so good! I love the pleasure/pain of being one of his three sex slaves. He also disconnects the chain when he free whips us and watches us dance under the whip. We can also be fucked from the front or from behind while wearing the yoke. It is so perfect!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 26 January, 2011 by mistress jenny jones

i got this for my slave as she kept touching her self as she was told not to so i put her in it and she hasnt touch her self yet as i combined it with a pair of bondage mittens and a hood she is in for a good punishment. very good item must have and a good punishment device

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Reviewed: Wednesday 26 July, 2006 by P and J C

I absolutely love this device, when I am locked into this device I am instantly prohibited from all forms of movement with my hands. Combined with Leather Mittens and my hands are completely useless. The one recommendation when utilizing the yoke is to use small padlocks so the steel doesn't open up and accidentally pinch your skin. I would also recommend purchasing the leather mittens for an even more restricting experience.

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