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The Anal Impaler


The Anal Impaler The Anal Impaler The Anal Impaler The Anal Impaler The Anal Impaler
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Completely Restrain Movement with the Anal Impaler

We had a lot of requests for a this classic piece of dungeon furniture. Now it's available. The bottom is locked into the spreader bar with ankle cuffs (which are locked to the spreader bar d-rings with a small padlock). With legs spread 24 inches apart the adjustable anal impaler can be inserted in the anus or vagina. It can adjust from 18 to 32 inches. Deep enough for most. The sub will be forced to stand or hobble around with this humiliating device penetrating them.

To be used more sadisticly, bolt or fix the spreader bar to the floor. Make them get all the way on their tip toes and then raised the dildo and insert as far as possible. If they now attempt to put their heel down to rest, the dildo will further penetrate them if they have room. If not they will be forced to remain on their tip toes totally impaled.

Note: Ankle restraints and dildo are sold separately. Those items can be viewed below. Any flared based dildo, less than 1.75 inches in diameter will work with the rod.

The anal impaler can be unscrewed to use spreader bar seperately. A nice option.

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Customer Reviews

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5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Anonymous Date Added: Wednesday 15 October, 2014  
If you're hooked up to this thing, you're completely at their mercy. If your hands are tied, people can do what ever they want to your ass. My wife got this for me after we had been looking for new things to try. So she collared me took me into the garage, made me strip, blindfolded me, and tied my hands over our saddle stand. Then she hooked me up to the impaler with my legs spread far apart. The next thing I knew two of her girlfriends walked in with their boy friends. That's when I got really nervous. I was going to be the object of some fun. I heard the guys took off their shirts and pulled the rod out of my ass and unzipped their blue jeans and proceeded to mount me. I was taking it from both ends. The girls watched, took pictures and posted them on Craigslist in the m4m section. The guys laughed and wrote "bisexual faggot" along with my cell number with a marker on my ass. In between sessions they would either rehook me up to the impaler or the girls would use a strap on me. The guys would sometimes put a beer bottle up my ass or relieve themselves on me or rub my face in their crotch. The spreader bar meant my ass was completely exposed- I couldn't get out of this if I wanted. I won't soon forget that weekend in the garage! My cell phone has lots of messages now from guys on Craigslist now too! It turns out she won a bet if she could make me bi. I'm hoping the boyfriends can come back over soon.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by steven carpenter Date Added: Monday 08 September, 2014  
This tool has provided one of the most powerful methods of achieving complete humiliation and subjugation. My Master has placed me on the impaler and left me penetrated and exposed while he and his friends engaged in an orgy all around me. My rectum gripped the shaft while they pinched and slapped at my naked body. Eventually he released me and allowed me to be used as a cumdump for his friends. Amazing.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Robert Fox Date Added: Monday 31 March, 2014  
My Master locked me in the anal impaler with my arms cuffed spread eagle above my head. He impaled my ass with the device until I was on my tip toes. I was totally naked and humiliated on display the entire evening in the living room as his guests would walk by and slap my ass. This was the beginning of something I now do almost every weekend.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Anonymous Date Added: Tuesday 21 January, 2014  
There seem to be a lot of complaints about the size of the dildo hole on this toy (insert crude hole joke here). A simple solution is to take a vac-u-lock suction cup (, drill two holes in it to line up with the two screw holes, and mount that to the top of the rod. Then you can use any size of vac-u-lock dildo with the impaler.
3 of 5 Stars! [Rated 3 of 5 Stars!] by Anonymous Date Added: Wednesday 31 July, 2013  
Great sturdy product overall. As a bonus the fucking rod can be detached and used on its own to penetrate a bound sub. Some big problems though: - Many dildos will not fit in the base. There are two screws very close together (probably about 2" apart) on the underside. It's tough to find a flared base dildo that will both stay in but won't get in the way of the screws. You end up having to bend the silicone base around them and even this isn't enough sometimes. - The hole is exactly 1.5", so if your 1.5" dildo has any kind of ridges you'll risk damaging it getting it in on the metal sharp edges. - This is a nitpick, but the spreader bar is rather small, so don't plan on using it on its own as a spreader. Aside from that, a very well made steel product, I've had mine for years.
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