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Leather Corset


Leather Corset Leather Corset
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Make a stunning statement with the Leather Corset!

Become a tantalizing feast for the eyes when you wear this Leather Corset, either out on the town or indoors modeling for your partner. The corset uses a zipper up the front and is decorated with a criss-cross tie pattern. You also get a matching G-String and garter hooks so you can attach your favorite pair of stockings.

Leather Corset Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Available in small, medium and large (see size chart)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Makes a stunning addition to any woman's fetish wardrobe
  • Uses a zipper closure up the front; has criss-cross tie pattern
  • Includes G-String and garter hooks to attach to your favorite stockings

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Tuesday 12 March, 2013 by Kept Woman

    I hated my job that I told my husband that I would do anything that he wanted, if he let me quit and stay home. His condition was that I would do whatever he wanted without question. I agreed on the condition that he would not do anythink kinky outside of our house, unless we were out of town. Well, I did quite a few kinky things for him behind closed doors. I never questioned anything. Last weekend, he packed my clothes for a weekend out of town. In addition to a sexy, but proper outfit for our return, he packed handcuffs, a sleep mask, this new corset, black stockings, very high heels, and your leather mini skirt. I didn't need a bra with the corset, but there were no panties to cover my bare pussy and curvy ass beneath the short skirt. Around 10:00, I was dressed in this outfit. As I looked in the mirror I could see my ample breasts spilling over the top. My nipples were barely covered. He made me bend over in front of the mirrior so that I could see my garter-framed ass and pussy lips. I could also see that I revealed nipples and more cleavage. He told me that I was his beautiful slut. He drove me to an adult emporium, ordered me not to speak, and led me inside. All eyes were upon me in this sexy outfit. I was humuliated but also proud to be such as beautiful slut for him. I was also dripping slut juices. A couple of cute guys followed us as we walked around. When we were in a section where no one else but them could see, he whispered that I should bend over to check out something on a low shelf. I did, and I lingered a while to give them a good look. You could have heard a pin drop. He took me back to the peep show. Once inside the booth, he pointed at the eye viewing us through the glory hole. He handcuffed my hands behind my back. He put the sleep mask over my eyes. He untied the corset and opened it. My breasts sprung free, Then he moved the skirt up under my breasts to expose my ass and pussy fully. I was on fire and dying to be used. As if he read my mind, he unlocked and opened the door. Men started coming in. Soon I had hands all over me, fondling, pinching, fingering, rubbing their dicks on my ass and legs. I had several orgasms until it stopped. Then he pulled the skirt back down and loosely tied the corset. He removed the mask. He moved the handcuff to the front and held them as he led me through the store. I thought that I could see from some of the men's faces that they had been the ones that had used me. My husband took me back to the hotel and fucked me for hours in this outfit. What a great combination of leather corset and leather mini skirt. I don't miss my old job at all.

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