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The Leather Neck Corset


The Leather Neck Corset The Leather Neck Corset The Leather Neck Corset The Leather Neck Corset The Leather Neck Corset
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Make sure your partner looks straight with this stylish Neck Corset

Unlike most posture collars, this Neck Corset adds a bit of style to the bondage flavor. The Neck Corset's main purpose is to make sure your partner keeps their head up during bondage play. This is done using a sturdy neck cradle. Rope ties in the back make sure you can fully adjust the corset, but keep things comfortable at the same time.

Down the front, the collar takes on a stylish corset-style look. This gives both visual, as well as functional, appeal.

Leather Neck Corset Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: This item is sized as one-size-fits-most
  • Material: Leather
  • This is not only a functional, but stylish, posture collar
  • Makes sure that your partner's head remains up during bondage play
  • Uses a rope tie in the back for a comfortable and highly-adjustable fit

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    Reviewed: Sunday 19 August, 2012 by Kaitee Did It

    This is a bit of a change from my full face masks I wear during role/cosplay,, I prefer the Gasmask type if I have a choice and being as I do now I got this'''plus it was my dudes money so wtf...If I didn't like it I'll throw it in the corner of the closet with all the other impluse buys I've made him pay big deal but, I was suprised it was a decent quality leather and boning at the neck was a real turn on..also I make my own DIY fashions so I've switched it up with a red rolled leather round opening to give the effect of pvc/latex masks with the easy access mouth opening and so leathed belt loops on side and back to guide an old school Sparticus real black stitched, roller bucked ball gag...even has the o.g. red rubber dude bought thid like 1991 so it's the real deal and well bitten by others before it's art of the neck corset...shame site won't let me post a pic...!!

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    Reviewed: Monday 31 January, 2011 by UNKJIME StLMo

    Great product, Play time Snow & Ice on the way. I for one cannot leave anything alone, I would like to see this with five buckles, and a snap on chin piece. This would make this easier to put on and allow wearing for cold weather Harley riders

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