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The Ram and Cram Butt Plug


Ram and Cram
The Ram and Cram Butt Plug The Ram and Cram Butt Plug The Ram and Cram Butt Plug
$58.99 $44.99
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The Ram and Cram Butt Plug - super-sized for more pleasure!

Despite it's size, the head is made to feel like an actual cock head. The pthalate-free PVC material that comprises this plug helps keep it durable, but comfortable and smooth for easy insertion and use. With a suction-cup bottom you can place the butt plug on the floor, against a wall or any other flat surface and give yourself hands-free access to pleasure.

Ram and Cram Butt Plug Specs:

Reg: 9 inches in total length, 8.25 inches insertable, 4.45 inches in diameter; XL: 10.25 inches in total height, 10 inches insertable, 5.1 inches in diameter

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Reviewed: Saturday 23 May, 2015 by Frank Lurten

OMG! I bought the" regular" size but apparently my eyes were bigger than my boipussy! LOL... It's gonna take a while but taking the whole thing is my goal.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 01 January, 2014 by Anonymous

Wow I got the xll in the mail the other day it's huge I couldnt wait to sit on it. It dosent fit but I almost got the head in and it feels so filling. Definitely need more practice and lube love it

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 December, 2013 by Anonymous

My awesome girlfriend bought me both the Xl and large version of this plug. The Xl came first but my girlfriend was out of town. No way I could wait. First time I was a little intimidated but but after about 1/2 hour of easing onto it the first head popped in. I can't begin to describe the pleasure my hole was feeling as I slid down onto that huge pole. I set up my cam so I could watch my hole stretch as I was riding which just makes me ride harder. Not sure I'll ever get it's entire length inside me but my fingers are crossed. The regular size came next. I was looking forward to it as the Xl version is a little large and heavy to get that good "in and out" action. My girlfriend lubed it up and wasted no time cramming it inside of my manpussy. After about an hour of fisting and shoving these into my ass I was stretched out and blasted cum like never before. Two thumbs up...way up my ass!

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Reviewed: Sunday 10 November, 2013 by Josh Lover

I bought 2 of these and love it so much walking around the house with both shoved up my ass i am so stretched now best thing ever

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 June, 2013 by Anonymous

I purchased this silly in smaller version. I couldn't wait to get it. I had been desparate for two weeks because this couldn't get in me in any way. Just my skin was too tight as it seemed. Then I read about whistling. I knew already somehow that if I relax enough (which is dam' hard eyes in eyes wiff dis bad boy)it will get in and the skin shall just stretch. It seemed just I'm not too tight but just as too small for it. But I sat on it ass wide from fisting and whistled and let the inertion do the job. Sudenly I woke up with wet eyes and after a moment I realized the whole sexy tantus is deep in my stomach. I am seriously hooked now. xx

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