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Anal Intruder Cockring


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$69.95 $49.95
Rating: (79 reviews)
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The Anal Intruder Cockring is a unique device that not only keeps your cock nice and stiff but also keeps your ass stuffed. The stainless steel cock ring, with 2" inside diameter and 2.75" outside diameter, secures like a regular cock ring keeping him hard and the 1.25" inch wide chrome plated steel ball penetrates his ass hole, insertable length is 1.2". While wearing this device and moving around you will feel the anal intruder moving inside you. Its not going anywhere since it fits securely around your cock. Try it while fucking for a truly orgasmic experience.

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 January, 2015 by Anonymous

Not for everyone, doesn't fit me without extreme discomfort. The distance from the bend to the ring is just flat out too short. No way to wear unless somebody my size is into pain. I got it on, once, and will never try that again. I'm sure it's the right size for some, but definetly doesn't fit me.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 December, 2014 by Anonymous

Finally something that doesn't hurt after using it for a long time! It's not just me who tried a few plugs but 2 to 3 hours later gotta take them out due to the rising discomfort. Got this at lunch time today and tried it from 2.30 up until 11pm... At first it seems big in the box, then you take it out and it's heavy. Okay, the bar that goes from the ring to the plug could be just a bit longer, and the angle of the ring might be not quite right; but it has to touch the prostate gland. After hours of usage the sphincter muscle gets a bit sore, but can get used to it. Amazingly you can sit and it's almost painless, and gives a great feeling when you walk... Nice bulge in the jeans and you can discretely intensify the fun when you touch the ring through your pockets. The box stated there is/was a medium size ball, not seen in ER. The big one is really double the size and heavy, maybe I'll try it to sleep.

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Reviewed: Friday 24 October, 2014 by Anonymous

this thing is incredible! the sensations are amazing, I get rock hard just trying to put it on. Can't wait to put it on for my wife.

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Reviewed: Friday 26 September, 2014 by big cock

I got mine two days ago. Ordered it and a bunch of other stuff and the shipping was fast , thanks Tiff. it took two day to get here . I opened the box and got the cock locker out and i ordered the large ball also. i imediately put the large ball on , put the locker on shoved it up mt ass, put my clothes back on,went to work. all i can say is OMFG!!! i went in the bathroom at work 3 times and masturbated and came all over the place. I had to take it off. Put it back on when i went to bed and slept with it all night , then in the morning i took it out and shoved a huge dildo up my ass and rode that bitch for 30 mins. Thank you ER for getting me off so good!!!! :-)

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Reviewed: Sunday 17 August, 2014 by Anonymous

Great product. Very well polished, great weight, perfect size. Love the feel of it.

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